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We are delighted to offer a buy two and get the second half price on Adaptil and Feliway to help your pets keep calm and carry on during the fireworks season.

We are still offering huge discounts on Drontal and Advocate, see below


AdvocateAmazing Offer - Buy One Get One Free on a six pack of Advocate.

We are passionate about preventative healthcare for our patients, but in hard financial times we realise that difficult choices have to be made with regard to the treatments our pets receive. This is why we have pushed to come up with this amazing, affordable offer for all of our clients.


Advocate is a monthly spot on treatment protecting dogs, cats and ferrets from the following parasites:

lungwormLungworm - A worm spread by slugs, snails, frogs and foxes which lives in the heart and lungs of dogs causing serious, potentially fatal consequences. Lungworm is becoming increasingly common especially in the Surrey area. Advocate is the only monthly preventative treatment for Lungworm.  Read more about lungworm and why we recommend this treatment for all dogs here.

fleasFleas and their larvae - Very common throughout the year and can cause nasty skin infections and allergic reactions as well as breeding in your home.

earmitesEar Mites - Live in the ear canals of dogs and cats causing very itchy ears, recurrent infections and are contagious to other animals.

mangeSarcoptic Mange - 'Fox mange' which is spread by foxes and causes itchy skin, hair loss and infections.

demodexDemodex - A mite which burrows under the skin and is extremely itchy.

nematodesGastrointestinal nematodes- Worms which cause a variety of disorders and can be passed on to humans.

liceLice - A contagious skin parasite.

heartwormHeartworm - A worm which lives in the heart of dogs and cats and may become more prevalent with more pets now travelling abroad.

applyAdvocate is easy and safe to apply but if you are unsure one of our nurses would be more than happy to demonstrate.

So, for the price of a six month supply of Advocate you can ensure your pet is protected for the whole year!

Call to order your advocate and you can collect it the following day.


  • Only One Offer per Pet whilst stocks last
  • One pipette must be applied every month for a year
  • Each pet must have been seen within the last year to be eligible as a recent accurate weight is needed for the correct dosage to be dispensed.
  • The 'free' box must be of the same weight category as the paid one.

A Year's Supply of Drontal for HALF PRICE!
Protect your pet from intestinal worms for less.

There are several different species of intestinal worms that can commonly infect cats and dogs in the UK. You would rarely see these worms as they spend their adult lives inside your pet's intestines.

Worms can range from a few millimetres long to a staggering 5 metres in length (and if that makes you squirm, imagine how your pet must feel!) Some of these worms are acquired before your pet is even born, so treatment is recommended for all animals.

Worms can cause a variety of problems from mild vomiting and diarrhoea, weight loss, anaemia and even blockage in extreme cases.

Worms can also be passed to humans and pose a public health risk, especially to children– which is probably the best reason of all to keep your pet worm-free. We urge you only to use treatments which we know are proven to be effective and safe. Dosing your pet with Drontal every three months helps to keep you pet Worm Free!


  • One dose to be given every three months. Four doses equals one years supply.
  • Each pet must have been seen within the last year to be eligible as a recent accurate weight is needed for the correct dosage to be dispensed.
  • The 'free' tablets must be the same size as the 'purchased' tablets.
  • Only One Offer per Pet whilst stocks last
  • Offer is per dose, not per tablet.

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