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Animals can pick up a variety of parasites which can lead to disease and affect your pet's quality of life. Unfortunately some of these parasites can also affect humans.

Small children are especially at risk of picking up parasites from the family pet, so preventative parasite control is important for the health of your pet as well as the health of your family.

The most common internal parasites of cats and dogs include a variety of intestinal worms. External parasites of cats fleas, ticks and lice.

Intestinal Worms

wormsThere are many intestinal worms that affect dogs, cats and rabbits. Some of these worms are acquired before your pet is even born, so treatment is recommended for all animals and more frequent treatments are recommended for puppies and kittens. Worms can cause a variety of problems from mild vomiting and diarrhoea, weight loss, anaemia and even blockage in extreme cases.

wormsSome worms can also pass to humans and pose a public health risk, especially to children. We urge you only to use treatments which we know are proven to be effective and safe. We will discuss your animals worming requirements at vaccinations and advise you on the most effective and appropriate treatments or you can ring to make an appointment with one of our veterinary nurses.

wormsMonthly Nurse Clinics for puppies and kittens up to one year of age are a wonderful way to ensure you are up to date with your pets current worming needs. Our nurses are also able to assist you in administering the worming treatment for those pets which can be difficult to tablet at home.

Fleas, Ticks & Lice

fleasFleas are found everywhere outside, so all animals are potentially at risk. Fleas, ticks, lice and mites can be an intense irritation to both you and your pets and cause severe skin disease.

liceFleas jump onto your pet and once there, start biting and sucking blood. Every female flea will lay 50-100 eggs in its short lifespan, and most of these will end up around your house. It therefore doesn’t take long for numbers in the house to multiply, causing a problem. Central heating allows year round survival of these parasites in your house.

earmitesEven indoor cats can be affected as fleas can be brought into the house on clothing or shoes. Some animals develop allergies to flea saliva leading to painful skin irritation, chronic scratching, licking or fur pulling which is stressful for your pet. If fleas infest your house, they can be very difficult to eradicate so the best treatment is prevention. Fleas are also involved in the transmission of tapeworms to your cat.

There are various spot-on preparations that when applied regularly can help prevent flea infestations from occuring. For those frisky cats that can be difficult to treat, there is also a simple injection that can protect your cat from fleas for six months.

Contact us to arrange for this injection to be given in a 15 minute consultation.

Lice, ticks and mites are picked up outside but also through contact with other infected animals. Some of these parasites can also be transmissable to humans.

We have several different treatment options for all these parasites, so please call us for an appointment to discuss the best parasite prevention for your pet with one of our vets or nurses.



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