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Neutering is the overall term for spaying or castration of your pet. Both procedures involve removing the reproductive organs. In the female (spaying) the uterus and the ovaries are removed; in the male (castration) the testicles are removed.

Neutering is considered important for your pet for the following reasons:

1. Population control
2. Prevention of urine marking (mainly male cats)
3. Reduction in spread of disease through fighting and sexual contact
4. Straying
5. Aggression
6. Reduced risk of diseases associated with the reproductive organs; e.g. pyometra, prostate cancer, mammary cancer and anal adenomas.

Neutering is highly beneficial to the health of your pet. Studies have shown that neutered pets live several years longer than their entire counterparts. For a more detailed discussion please see the section that relates to your pet.

For more information about the benefits of having your dog spayed using keyhole (laparoscopic) surgeryclick here.

For a more detailed discussion about neutering please click the section that relates to your pet.

Neutering Female Dogs (Spaying) Neutering Male Dogs (Castration)



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