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Dental Care and Hygiene

Dental hygiene is very important for animals as well as for humans. Seventy percent of dogs and cats have some form of dental disease which, if left untreated, can lead to disease of the heart, liver and kidneys in addition to causing pain to your pet.

Take a minute to have a look in your pet's mouth. Have a good look at the teeth and gums and notice if there is any odour. Now see if your dog or cat's teeth resemble any of the images below:


If you are concerned your pet may be suffering from periodontal disease, please call for an appointment to discuss treatments which may be effective at reversing this condition.

There are many ways to look after your pets’ teeth. The best way is to brush their teeth, ideally this would be twice daily, but at least three times weekly for it to be effective. This is understandably not always possible and there have been huge developments in the past few years with special diets proving to clean the teeth while they eat! Other adjunctive methods and treatments including suitable toys, and chews can also help.

If preventative treatments are not in place from a young age, the dental plaque and tartar will build up in the mouth and cause smelly breath, gum infections, periodontal and systemic disease. Often these conditions can be reversed with a professional scale and polish of the teeth, sometimes extractions may be required.

The age of a pet should not influence the decision to have dental treatments. All animals undergoing dental procedures are carefully assessed before a general anaesthetic and pre-anaesthetic blood and urine tests are carried out accordingly. It is inevitably older animals that have tooth problems more commonly, however the problems only get worse as they get older if left untreated. Animals generally recover quickly and these pets often have a new lease of life with a pain free, smell-free mouth!

We advise routine dental checks every three months. We offer these checks free of charge with one of our qualified nurses at our Hersham or Shepperton branches. At these clinics, we are able to demonstrate dental care for your pet, including tooth brushing, enzymatic toothpastes, supplements, dental foods, dental chews and toys. We are also able to formulate a dental care plan to prevent dental disease, or refer you to one of our vets to be assessed for a professional scale and polish treatment.

Dental Charges

A routine scale and polish in animals with mild to moderate dental disease is charged at a set fee in accordance to the size of the patient (smaller animals have smaller teeth and hence have a shorter procedure time in general). All dental work is carried out under general anaesthesia and this is included in the cost along with two follow up appointments with a nurse. On occasions unforeseen dental x-rays, extractions and medications may be required, this is charged separately and we will always try our best to inform you if the cost will be higher than anticipated.

Cats - £120.00
Small dogs under 10kg - £140.00
Medium dogs 10-25kg - £156.00
Large dogs 25-40kg - £180.00

For more severe dental disease estimates are calculated on an individual patient basis and will be discussed with you prior to your pets procedure.



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