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Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are sociable and friendly animals that enjoy the company of people and can make great pets for children. They come in a variety of colours with either long or short hair.

They don't like to live alone so are best kept as a pair with both sexes neutered although it is possible to keep 2 females are kept together if they are siblings or introduced at a young age.


When you first bring your guinea pig or pigs home allow them to become acquainted with their new surroundings before handling them. Guinea pigs are prey animals so are likely to be a little nervous initially. Let the pig get used to your smell and progress on to stroking them before picking them up. When you pick your guinea pig up support him or her around the chest and hind quarters and hold him close to you so he feels safe and secure.


Regardless of whether your guinea pig ends up living indoors or out the hutch will need to be big enough to provide both living and sleeping areas. Outdoor hutches should be housed off the ground and be insulated, waterproof, draughtproof and predator proof. They need ample bedding of hay or shredded paper to allow them to burrow and hide if they feel the need. The hutch should be cleaned daily and fresh water available at all times in a bowl and bottle.


Guinea pigs need to be fed a special guinea pig food as they are unable to manufacture there own vitamin C. A plentiful supply of hay and fresh green vegetables and apple fed with a small amount of pellet food should provide all the vitamins and minerals required. Plant fibres are very important as this encourages chewing which helps maintain good dental health.

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