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If you have a young or adolescent pet under 1 year old and are looking for help to give them the best start in life:

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If you already have a young or adolescent pet and are looking for a friendly, professional practice that understands you and your pet:

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If you have a mature or older pet and are looking for the on going support of a local practice to keep them happy and healthy:

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If you have a pet of any age, but are new to pet ownership and need some friendly advice and support:

Welcome to Beech House Vets

Hi, I'm Jamie Crittall, owner and vet at Beech House Vets. We are immensely proud of being an independent family-owned practice, with its history dating back to the 1870's and owned by only two families during this time. My grandfather bought Beech House from the Payne family over 57 years ago and my father, John Crittall and my godfather, John Westaway ran what became Crittall and Westaway, for more than forty years. I joined the partnership in 2000 and we re-named the practice, Beech House Veterinary Centre. The two Johns subsequently retired leaving me to take over the reins with my wife, Charlotte, in 2005.

Healthy pets, happy clients

Our key to happy, healthy pets:

At Beech House Vets, we believe that veterinary care should not just be there for health problems and emergencies but more positively by centring on ongoing health. We want all of our pets to lead happy and healthy lives and we know that this is best achieved through building a long-term relationship with you - getting to know your pets - focussing on wellbeing, good nutrition and everyday preventative care. Should your pet need specific treatment or healthcare, we will provide the best medical and surgical services by:

  • Following strict protocols to ensure you and your pet always receive the best possible care.

  • Investing in the growth and development of our team and so that we can provide innovative and state-of-the-art facilities to look after your pet.

  • Listening and always taking on board suggestions to improve our service to you and your pet - this makes us who we are.