24hr Emergency Phone Number:

01932 220768

Our services
Beech House Vets is open in Hersham, from 9am to 6pm weekdays, 9am to 1pm on Saturdays for all routine treatments and emergencies. By providing these extended hours and the convenience of three other local branches, we feel that we are available for the majority of issues and emergencies that may arise. However, we subscribe to an emergency service run by North Surrey Veterinary Emergencies (NSVE) to give you and your pets the best emergency and critical care outside of these hours.
Why we use North Surrey Veterinary Emergencies
NSVE only use well-trained Vets, all of whom have had specialist training in Emergency and Critical Care treatment. They are based in East Molesey and have their own staff specifically for night-time and out-of-hours work.
We appreciate that when you are worried about your pet it can be daunting to see a new face. However by using NSVE you have the peace of mind that there is always a Vet available to you and your pet, day and night, with nursing back-up and well-equipped hospital facilities. Their 'day' effectively starts at 6pm and runs throughout the night so they can rest during the day. Essentially this means a wide awake, fully functioning team is there to care for your pets, whatever the problem.
How we operate
Each work day, we carry out a ward round to discuss our in-patients to determine the best course of action for their ongoing care. For cases that need minimal monitoring, we may decide, with your consent, to maintain them on site in one of the wards in Hersham. However, in certain circumstances, particularly when a patient is unstable, requiring constant monitoring, we may decide to transfer them to NSVE, to continue to provide the best care possible out-of-hours. 

Getting advice is simple
NSVE are also available throughout the night for telephone advice. A simple phone call can often give you peace of mind.

Details of any advice or treatments provided by NSVE will be forwarded on to us the next working day so we are kept updated with your pet's care.

If you are worried about your pet out-of-hours phoning 01932 220768 will direct you to NSVE, or simply phone them direct on 0208 783 2850.