Stay at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and its new variant!

24hr Emergency Phone Number:

01932 220768

We’re still open despite the 3rd National Lockdown but this is a very serious public health crisis. The new variant is reported to be highly transmissible and the UK is at alert level 5 which means there is a material risk of healthcare services being overwhelmed. Therefore, the veterinary profession is being urged, with each practice being part of its community, to be leading by example - it is imperative to be doing everything we can to stop the spread of the virus.


This means we must only undertake work that is essential for animal health & welfare.  Our governing bodies, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the British Veterinary Association have produced new guidance to help us determine what care we should be providing in the context of the very strong ‘stay at home’ message to reduce the risk of and spread of COVID-19 and its new variant. This means that we cannot continue to maintain business as usual and unfortunately we must reassess our caseload whilst ensuring all safety measures in light of the new variant.


We will always continue to see urgent and emergency cases as quickly as possible but will assess every case on an individual basis, regarding your pet’s healthcare needs. It does mean that we may need to delay some healthcare services - such as vaccinations and neuterings — unless deemed appropriate by the team.  Non-essential veterinary care will need to be delayed until after the Lockdown.


In the first instance, we will - to the best of our ability - provide healthcare and veterinary advice (including repeat prescriptions of some ongoing medications) by telephone and where possible, by video call. If we deem it necessary for you to visit us in practice, so we can examine and treat your pet in person, we kindly ask that you stick to the national guidelines when travelling and please wear a face covering at all times at the practice.






We continue to practise a ‘closed door’ policy, asking you to ensure strict social distancing, remaining at least 2m apart. If visiting by car, we ask that you please stay in your cars and call us to say you have arrived - letting us know the make of your car, its colour and registration number - and where you are parked - so we can easily find you.  The team wear personal protective equipment and you will be advised of any changes to our protocols before your visit. 


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The best way for you to get in contact with us for non-urgent queries is by email to but please be aware that it may take some time to be processed.

We will get through these challenging times by pulling together and looking after each other’s health and safety. We want to avoid the need to return to seeing only emergencies, or even worse still, the need to close the practice due to the team becoming infected with COVID or by overwhelming staff fatigue.  Therefore, we ask for your understanding, patience and ongoing support to help get through this new stage of the pandemic. Bring on those COVID vaccinations!
Warmest regards

Jamie, Stella & the whole team at Beech House Vets